“High Quality Aluminum Rolling Shutters.”

Technical Specifications

Slat Styles, Sizes and Colors

Aluminum Foam Filled Slats: White, Gray, Ivory/Cream, Beige, Bronze.

Green, Silver, Gold, and Red require special order.

Aluminum Extruded Slats: Bronze, White

Shutter Box and Frame

The storage box and the side track will be only three colors: white, beige or bronze with baked enamel finish. The box and frame can be painted by color of choice by the customer.

Housing box at 90 degrees

Housing box at 45 degrees


Nominal torque needs to be selected by size of the shutter from 20Nm to 300Nm. However, the actual load values are affected by many factors including tube diameter, tube length, material, friction and the type of accessories used.

Shutter ready for installation

Tubular motor

Motors and accessories

Recoil box

Crank box