“High Quality Aluminum Rolling Shutters.”

Welcome to Europe Security Rolling Shutters!

Europe Security Rolling Shutters was formed in 1995 as a manufacturer of high quality aluminum rolling shutters. The company was established with the idea to give people of Northeast of America access to one of the best European security systems. Europeans have known the benefits of rolling shutters for decades, whether they were for commercial purposes or residential. The owner, Stefan Pascu, wanted to make this product available in this region as other states like Texas and Florida were already successfully taking advantage of this system.

Rolling shutters are being used in many applications including windows, doors, counter shutters, special enclosure, and special design. Most of all the components are manufactured exclusively by the company. The company’s years of experience have allowed us the ability to develop efficient and effective production methods, which allow for quick lead times at competitive prices.

Tubular Motors USA is a company fully owned by European Rolling Shutters, specialized in tubular motors and various accessories for rolling shutters, rolling doors and blinds, awnings... Please visit us at www.tubularmotor.us to find more details.