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Providing security, comfort and privacy since 1995

Europe Security Rolling Shutters was formed over 20 years ago as a manufacturer of high quality aluminum rolling shutters. The company was established with the purpose of giving people in the Ohio region access to one of the best European security systems. Europeans have known the benefits of rolling shutters for decades, whether for commercial purposes or residential. The owner, Stefan Pascu, wanted to make this product available in this region as well, as other states like Texas and Florida were already successfully taking advantage of this system.

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Building Security

Optimize the security of your home or commercial space with exterior roll up shutters.

Noise Reduction

Aluminum shutters guarantee a quiet and peaceful home with up to 40% noise reduction.

UV Protection

Prevent the fading of your furniture and other valuables. Rolling shutters protect openings that otherwise would let damaging sun rays in.

Hurricane Protection

Our high quality shutters provide maximum storm protection for hurricanes and tornados.


Our insulated security shutter keeps your indoor atmosphere comfortable, controlling the light and temperature of your space. Our motorized shutters provide effortless comfort with just the touch of a button.


Maximize commercial or residential privacy with roll down shutters.

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